Marketing Source

The Brief

Unusually for one of our projects, the brief and design work had already been carried out by a freelance designer working in tandem with the contract administrator and the client. This meant that we were presented with a designed project and had to work out how best to fulfill it. Creative elements of the brief included a bespoke media bench and digitally printed artwork.

The Visualisation

The challenge here was to interpret a concept which we had no prior participation in and establish how to bring it to fruition within a tight budget. Compromise was not an option as the client was exacting in his taste and quality expectations so cost engineering was key to the solution. However, using our extensive supplier catalogue and industry knowledge we were armed with the skills to succeed.

The Realisation

The result was a thing of beauty! It matched the three-dimensional drawings provided by the original designer and provided a clean, modern, and flexible office space. The finished project included a client entertainment area, complete with the bespoke recessed multi media center with touch down meeting spaces, as well as soft seating, coffee machines and the always essential beer fridge and wine cooler.