Mego Employment Centre

The Brief

Edge Recruitment tasked us to help them design their new concept in their employment centre. This was to be a recruitment agency, but most importantly it needed to be an environment where job hunters could go and feel relaxed while improving their career prospects. For this reason, the environment needed to appeal to the full demographic; not just a few focused groups.


The Visualisation

We designed a welcoming space, making full use of the bold corporate colours of the Mego brand. The concept was to provide a shabby-chic café style environment with soft seating in a more traditional style than the current trends. The key element was to be the reception counter. This needed to function as a professional meet and greet space as well as a serving desk. We opted for a hand built oak beam counter.

Timber Reception Desk

The Realisation

The result was breathtaking and filled us with pride. The warmth of the oak against the depth of the red theme made passers by stop to look and compliment before the works had even finished! The end result was a warm and welcoming café culture office space which was well received by both Mego and Edge Recruitment, along with residents and clientele.