Boardroom Table

The Brief

The brief was a concise one; produce a fantastic office environment for a fast expanding, very friendly security company.

The client entrusted the visualisation of the offices entirely to our design team who provided a three-dimensional model of the proposed space. This allowed uCheck to easily view all finishes and colours proposed, making the foundation for an open and bright environment.

Sunset Wallcovering

The Visualisation

Being mindful of the sensitive nature of the work undertaken, we designed an office interior that allowed individuals to work as a community and individually. The use of double glazed partitions with bespoke manifestations meant that available light could flow through the office space whilst keeping both speech and sight privacy in critical areas.

The specification included a new modern desking and conferencing system, with a separate breakout space.

The Realisation

The finished project was personalised with full wall images selected to inspire and reflect the friendly professional nature of the business.

The uCheck team were delighted with their new working environment and immediately commissioned a second office space to accommodate for further expansion.