Littledown Surgery

The Brief

Modernise, modernise, modernise! Littledown Surgery was built for purpose in the 1980’s and it was clear from the outset that it needed some refreshing. Despite the best efforts of the friendly staff the area simply wasn’t inviting or a comfortable place to use. Added to this, the timber porch, which incorporated a children’s play area, was cold, draughty and in need of repairs. In short, make it look like new!

The Visualisation

If something is broken…. fix it! We proposed the complete removal of the porch and play area, to be replaced with a new, larger aluminium shopfront, complete with auto-operational doors and new lighting. The waiting area was to be completely refurbished with bold colours and improved lighting. The reception desk was to be removed and completely re-envisaged to became a more engaging work station for both staff and patients.


The Realisation

We achieved exactly what we designed, the results were remarkable. The whole space felt bigger, less cramped and a more patient friendly environment to be in.

The new frontage was installed to the edges of the available space so it could let in more natural light, this then enhanced the bright clean turquoise décor. We complemented the new colour with the warmth of a new flooring. The reception desk was simple in its concept but a big improvement in its execution; in fulfilling the requirement to improve staff-patient communication.