British Solar Renewables

The Brief

British Solar Renewables operate from The Maltings, Shepton Mallet, Somerset where they deliver expert solutions to the thriving renewable energy industry here in the UK and overseas. We have recently welcomed them to their newly refurbished offices. They relocated their staff to an open plan office, allowing for a more communal way of working. The new office was to include a grand entrance to impress clients in a natural style to fit the brand. A good understanding of acoustics was crucial within the open space.

The Visualisation

Visually we had a broad brief for this exciting project which is where we came into our own. Our design team created 2D and 3D designs to make the visualisation process easy and enjoyable. We installed Barrisol lighting, which provides a modern and functional diffused light to the space, giving a more natural feel. New monitoring areas were created to assist with offsite requirements, as well providing new onsite meeting facilities. Acoustic clouds made for a functional and attractive acoustic solution.

The Realisation

Throughout the planning process it was our aim to accentuate the buildings natural features, the decoration made for aesthetically pleasing offices whilst still celebrating the historical charm of the space. All staffed areas were acoustically treated making for a pleasant working environment: new washroom and shower facilities were crafted to add to this further. One of the most notable improvements was the conference facilities, again working with the building made for a relaxed feel and flow throughout. Overall making for an incredible new space and a very happy client.

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