We’re well versed in the design and installation of schemes for the medical sector.

We did our first medical project in 2013 and, since then, we’ve overseen the design and implementation of various projects for the sector: from consultation and treatment rooms to clean room installations and waiting areas. This is a field where our proven attention to detail can be a life-saver – literally.

The Brief

We were approached by Little Down, they were looking to renew the entrance and waiting areas of their surgery and update the patient facilities and some of the clinical rooms. It was important to them that we were able to create a better circulation space and improve the thermal efficiency of the building. This needed to be a friendly and approachable space that was hard-wearing and suitable for all members of the community.

The Visualisation

We set to visualisng the space, we were mindful of the various different people who would use the space and how their experiences and requirements would vary, this was a thread that was important throughout the project.

We developed a design that worked for the staff and gave them what they required for the patients. This was then developed into a full specification and via the use of CGI we were able to give Little Down a view of what the space will look like in the real world prior to starting onsite.

The Realisation

We set to work and over the course of a month transformed the front of house of the surgery, the space now serves the community successfully.