The Brief

We were given a clear deadline and requirement from Village Design, they wanted something that would look really great, be a super home for their creative company and have longevity. We understood their style from what they did and didn’t like within their current offices and got to know how they work and what was important to them.

The Visualisation

This bit we really loved, working with creatives is always such fun, we bounced ideas off each other and really got a feel for the style they were going for. We introduced a feminine colour pallet and lots of textures to really set the space off, with a simple space planning task and some key features to include we worked to get the specification just right for the team.

The Realisation

The space is sophisticated and trendy, it has been a huge success and others within the building have been taking note of the clear style coming through from the Village Design space. It is a joy to pop back in and see how the space is lasting, we had such a wonderful experience putting it together and look forward to it serving Village well for the coming years.

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